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Daniel Jones, Sam Darnold, and Dwayne Haskins are all having poor seasons.This is not a good look for young quarterbacks who are designated to carry their franchises going forward. If they cannot display any semblance of promise or growth then their organizations are going to have big problems down the road. The quarterback is the most important position on a football team. They are the ones who teams are supposed to rally behind and elevate the offense whenever they are on the field. The best quarterbacks are the ones who not only know the ins and outs of the playbook but also find ways to win. Even on a bad team they would be able to show a semblance of talent that showcases that “yes, this individual can lead the organization’s offense.”

While these three no doubt have played poorly, they are not responsible for their team’s failures.

The New York Jets, New York Giants, and Washington Football Team all have a common problem as to why they are struggling. Their quarterbacks are not above blame but they are not the ones solely responsible for their perspective teams’ shortcomings. It is easy to pin it on Jones, Darnold, and Haskins because they are essentially the “faces” of their organizations. They represent the teams because they are the leaders. The problems are beyond these three.

The issues stem from the fact that the organizations that drafted these quarterbacks have poor development programs.

The Giants, Jets, and Washington have not seen much success in recent years. These teams have been in rebuild mode for the past few years and have nothing to show for it. Normally you would see some merit of progression but that hasn’t come to pass for these organizations. It’s the result of poor planning, unrealistic expectations, and no cohesion within the organizations.

Let’s start with the Jets who currently are a walking embarrassment as the only NFL Football team to not secure a win this season. They are currently Year 3 with Darnold as their franchise quarterback and unfortunately do not have the answer if he’s the answer at that position. There are times of brilliance but he has been mostly pedestrian as a lead QB. It’s unlikely that he’ll be the starting quarterback on a 0–8 team.

And yet, Darnold is not the source of the Jets’ problems. That falls on head coach Adam Gase. Prior to being hired by the team, Gase has been touted as a coach difficult to work with. His tenure with the Miami Dolphins was always touted as a negative. He went to the playoffs in his first year with the Dolphins, but he went 13–19 the next two years and was subsequently fired. He also got into several coNFL Footballicts with well-known Dolphins players like wide receiver Jarvis Landry and running back Jay Ajayi. Till this day neither of them hold the coach in high regard.

Ryan Tannehill is the most egregious example of a former player that thrived after leaving Adam Gase. When he came to Miami, Tannehill saw his yards and touchdown numbers plummet. He only threw for 4,974 yards and 36 touchdowns in the two seasons Gase coached him. After he was traded to the Tennessee Titans he recently played his best season to date, leading the Titans to the AFC Championship with a 9–3 record while setting career-highs in touchdowns (22) and completion percentage (70.3) — the later led the NFL Football. He also led the NFL Football in passer rating (117.5), yards per pass attempt (9.6) and yards per completion (13.6). This is in part thanks to playing for a modern offensive minded coach in Mike Vrabel as well as a better structured team that accentuates his skills as a quarterback.

Gase — for whatever reason — still has a job despite being the worst coach in the NFL Football. The Jets — for whatever reason — still believe in him despite the fact that he essentially ruined their franchise quarterback, alienated the best players on the team, and has the team directionless once again (eerily similar to his tenure in Miami only worse). The only bright side to all this is that the Jets have a chance to draft Clemson star quarterback Trevor Lawrence in the NFL Football Draft. If that’s the plan, then Gase cannot be the head coach. The Jets can only offer so many opportunities to an individual who simply isn’t up to task. They would also need to part ways with Sam Darnold and let him find a new home elsewhere with a better opportunity to prove himself in the NFL Football with a clean slate. It is the least the Jets can do after all the trouble they have put the young quarterback through